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RE-BORN SPORTS X Tennis edition

June 05 2024 – Odette Van der Maat

RE-BORN SPORTS X Tennis edition
RE-BORN SPORTS X Tennis edition

RE-BORN SPORTS X Tennis edition

There are so many different sports, but tennis is one of our favorite sports at RE-BORN SPORTS. Odette plays tennis competition at TC Amstelpark in Amsterdam. She and Karen are playing in the same tennis team.

Karen is one of our models at RE-BORN SPORTS, she works for TV as a reporter (this year: Heel Holland Bakt Kids, First Dates and Sketch Studio), she is a friend of the brand, but next to this she is also a tennis teacher. We like to know more about this topic, so we asked her some questions.

Get to know Karen, we asked her some questions:

  • For how long do you play tennis? Over 25 years, I started as a child, and I stopped between my 16th and 26th. I started playing again when I was 26.
  • Why did you become a tennis teacher? For me tennis is the nicest sport there is. I love to pass this on to children and adults.
  • Which tennis level do you have? 5 for single and 4 in double.
  • What is your most given tennis tip? Hold your racket loosely in your hand – do not squeeze. Otherwise, you will get an injury and next to this, it is difficult to hit a ball with a tense arm.
  • What is your favorite tennis stroke? Forehand
  • Which tennis player do you admire most? Rafael Nadal - his mindset! He always is positive and sporty, no matter what the score is.
  • Which ATP-tournament do you like most watching? Roland Garros
  • What playground do you prefer playing on? Gravel
  • What brand tennis racket do you have? Babolat
  • What do you always bring on court? Lip balm, bananas, and dates.
  • Which meal do you like best? Salad with lots of vegetables and chicken.
  • Which tv-show you do not want to miss out on (guilty pleasure)? The Bachelor
  • What is your favorite holyday country? Italy
  • Do you play other sports next to tennis? Swimming and walking
  • Which RE-BORN item do you love most? I love them all! (Shirts - short – crew top)
  • What do you think are important details in tennis clothing? That it fits comfortably and feels soft.
  • What piece of clothing should no one miss in their collection? A good, oversized sweater.

 Karen’s tennis tips:

  1. Start with a good warm-up.
  2. Don’t be blinded by your technique, tactics/mindset/mental aspect is at least as important (I think even more important).
  3. Hold your racket loosely in your hand instead of squeezing it.
  4. Move your feet a lot on the track!
  5. Enjoy, tennis is fun! If the frustration becomes greater than the pleasure, you will have to make some adjustments.

 Karen’s tip on Netflix: Breakpoint! (in my RE-BORN jogging suit!)

 Tennis clothes at RE-BORN SPORTS:

 As Karen indicates, it is nice if tennis clothing fits comfortably. Next to this, the clothes also need some functionality and of course we have taken this into account when designing the collection. RE-BORN SPORTS has a multi-functional range for men and women, so our sportswear can be used for many different sports, but certainly also for tennis!

 You sweat a lot when playing tennis, so we recommend wearing quick-drying clothing. As an absolute tip: our women LOGO SHIRT and our men LOGO SHIRT with short sleeves and the sleeveless LOGO TOP (ideal when playing in warm weather). The fabric of these tops is super lightweight, as the mesh is quick dry.


Also please wear layers, so that you have suitable clothing for every type of weather (track jacket, sweater, T-shirt/top, long trousers, and shorts). By wearing different items on top of each other, you stay extra warm.

 You always play with multiple tennis balls, when serving you always have 2 balls; choose clothing with pockets! All our RE-BORN pants have side pockets, this also include our shorts. For women we designed 2-layer shorts, so you can put the ball on the inside of the inner short.

We also have long pants with zippers, so you can easily take off your pants without taking off your shoes (women's sweatpants and men's training pants).

Choose what suits you best and what also looks good, and you'll be 30-0 ahead!



Tennis facts, did you know:

  • The count 15-30-40 comes from France, looking at the time using the clock.
  • The longest match ever played lasted 11,05 hours and was between Isner and Mahut at Wimbledon 2010. Isner won 6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6 and 70-68.
  • Approximately 1 million people play tennis in the Netherlands, of which 630,000 are members of an association.
  • The number of tennis balls produced annually is estimated at 360 million.
  • The most double fault in a match is held by Anna Kournikova with 31 double faults in the 1999 Australian Open.
  • Tennis was played with the bare hand in the past.
  • The hardest hit serve was achieved by Australian Samuel Groth 263,4 km/h in 2012.
  • Among the women, Sabine Lisicki hit the hardest serve during the WTA tournament in Stanford: 211 km/h.


Are you inspired by these tennis facts?

Take a look at our RE-BORN collection, shop your new outfit and shine on court!

Would you like to order one or more items for your team, please contact us at:

Finally: would you like to improve your tennis skills? Would you like tennis lessons from Karen Daling in Amsterdam? Check her Instagram account and contact her.  


 Who knows we will meet on court once!



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