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Spring: let’s exercise outside!

April 02 2024 – Odette Van der Maat

Spring: let’s exercise outside!
Spring: let’s exercise outside!

Spring: let’s go outside!

How healthy is outdoor execise?

Various studies have shown that exercising outdoors can reduce feelings of depression and stress. When you are outside, your mood improves and you are more relaxed. Fresh air, a beautiful (city) park, birdsong, a soft breeze: it has a soothing effect on your mind and makes you feel happier. You will get that RE-BORN feeling. When the sun shines, you also get a boost of vitamin D, so that you sleep better, among other things.

What outdoor sports/activities are available?

  1. SUP; the most popular outdoor activity nowadays: a water sport where you stand on a SUP board and propel yourself using a long paddle. You can take tours in many places in the Netherlands. You can stand alone on a board, but there are also boards for 6-8 people (fun group activity). SUPing is very good for your balance and for almost all the muscles in your body: arms, legs, back and core. Take dry clothes with you because you can always fall into the water. Check for the most beautiful SUP spots in the Netherlands suppen-nederland
  1. Cycling/cycling; You can do this at any time and it costs nothing (if you have a bicycle). One of the major advantages of cycling is that your joints such as your ankles, knees and hips are less stressed than, for example, running. Regular active exercise is good for your heart and blood vessels. It doesn't matter whether you cycle hard or more slowly, your heart rate increases while cycling and your heart and blood vessels remain in good condition. Because your blood flows faster while cycling, more oxygen is also produced, which is good for your brain. There are many cycling routes in the Neherlands, it is always nice to try a new cycling route.
  1. Skating; This is an extremely good form of cardio training (just like cycling). Skating activates the brain and muscles, forcing you to focus on your muscles and the environment. The shock load on your knees and ankles is 50% lower than when running, so a lower risk of injury (unless you fall ;-)). It's a really good workout for your body! Wear comfortable sportswear so you can move freely, but also protect your knees, elbows and wrists. More info, check this.
  1. Yoga in the park; we know that yoga is good for body&mind. If you can also practice yoga outdoors, this is a win-win situation. Google “yoga in the park” and you will immediately see a lot of results where you can practice yoga and in which city. Wear tights/sports pants and a sports top, so you can move freely in all positions during yoga. Also bring a nice warm sweater for the Savasana! 
  1. Boot camp; If you are a real fanatical athlete, then you will of course participate in boot camp! This is suffering, discipline and perseverance in the fresh air. The lesson is given in groups with fitness and strength training. Even as a beginner you can participate in boot camp, the sports instructor will give you different options for how you can do an exercise (from light to heavy). Make sure you wear sporty clothing: sports leggings, sports top and depending on the season; layers, so you stay warm and dry.
  1. To run; this is free and is always possible. A sport that has grown enormously in the time that we were no longer allowed to play sports together. Put on a good pair of running shoes and sportswear and go! Some run with music on and others (like me) enjoy the sounds around them.

All you need to start running is discipline!


Heads up to start running: 
- Start slowly; don't do anything hastily and make a plan for the next 2 weeks. 
- Distance is more important than speed; Make sure you complete the distance, you can do this quietly in the beginning, you can challenge yourself to cover the distances a little faster. 
- Gear up; make sure you have good running shoes. Be well informed by experts because you don't want to get injured due to incorrect footwear. 
- Wear a good outfit; make sure you wear elastic tights with possibly short sports pants over them, wear a quick-drying and ventilated top (keeps the muscles dry and warm) and, if necessary, a windbreaker. Nowadays many leggings/pants and tops have pockets for a phone and keys. 
- Plan your route in advance; This way you know exactly how you are going to walk and you can stay focused.- Warm-up & cooling down; Make sure you have warmed up and done some stretching exercises before starting your run. It is also nice to stretch and relax after a run. 
- Pay attention to your posture: do not look too much at your feet while walking, but try to look ahead, then you will walk upright and your breathing will be better. 
- Hydrate; Drink water both before and after running, your body needs fluid! 
- Exercise together with a running buddy; Some people like to exercise alone, but if you need extra motivation, go running with a buddy or join a running group. Check online if there are running training courses in your area. 
- Tempo changes; If you have been running for a while, try changing your pace while running. This ensures better fitness and gives some changes during the run. 
- Get your recovery; listen to your body. Some people need more recovery time than others. Especially if you are new to running, you will feel this in your muscles, give it a rest for 2 days and then continue with your running plan! 

Don't forget to exercise outdoors every day and feel RE-BORN!


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