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About Us

We are 2 sporty people with the same dream: starting our own sports brand! We have both worked in the sports industry in different angles: Manouk in kids activities, music marketing industry and as an event organiser. Odette has always worked with products in sport/fashion: buying and developing for different sports brands and international retailers. What a great combination to work together now and to live our dream with RE-BORN SPORTS!

We have both played sports to a high level and through this learned about different sports that interest us: football, hockey, tennis, snowboarding, skiing, running, rpm, fitness classes, bootcamp, yoga, SUP, boxing. After our exercises we always feel RE-BORN, as that is how sports makes us feel. We are city people, loving good food and drinks, quality time with friends and family and enjoying life!

Everybody has their favourite sports outfit and so do we. When you have worn out your best sports outfit we are here to bring back your favourite items with a modern twist. That is the RE-BORN SPORTS concept, designed in Amsterdam specially for you.

So press the button, get started and switch ON/OFF.

Manouk en Odette op Healthy Fest