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Stacey Seedorf X Re-Born Partnership


Stacey Seedorf X Re-Born Sports

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We found each other, as our paths crossed each other. Since the Re-Born Sports launch in 2019, Stacey follows us on Instagram. We contacted Stacey and his partner Li-Ann if I could send them products from our collection to get feedback. This is how our contact started and still continues.

Due to Stacey’s background and life path he feels very connected to RE-BORN. For us, our brands RE-BORN stands for feeling reborn after exercise, because that is our own experience as fanatical athletes. However, we also get this reborn feeling from holidays, a weekend away, a pleasant evening with friend/family and even from a day at the beach.

The word RE-BORN has a different meaning for Stacey: Rebirth! He approaches the brand from a spiritual and holistic angle, where TRANSFORMATION is central. After all the experiences in Stacey’s life, as a great artist at Twenty 4 Seven and traveling all over the world to many impactful events, the word RE-BORN (rebirth) means a lot to him.

At RE-BORN we use the term “YOUR SWITCH” in our marketing communications, as this also refers to a mindful change for yourself. In this we also find each other as partners.

Nowadays Stacey gives Retreats about Mindfulness, Quantum retreats, Podcasts, In-company workshops, live events and a documentary about his life is being released. Everything revolves around TRANSFORMATION; he wants to convey a feeling of hope, growth and development. RE-BORN is the anchor in all his events.

These events will bear the name of RE-BORN. We are very proud of this, because as a brand we completely agree with the different approach of the brand RE-BORN: the spiritual and holistic side in addition to the sporting side.

In 2024 Stacey will start YOUR ROAD TO RE-BORN, this focuses on super interesting topics to help you grow as a person and break current patterns. If you like to learn more about this, read information on Stacey’s website about YOUR ROAD TO RE-BORN of follow him on Instagram @stacey.seedorf.

We have become partners and we will have a bright future together!

Stacey Seedorf X Re-Born Sports

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Stacey's words:

"Life is like an exciting adventure, filled with wonderful and challenging moments that shape us. Even difficult or sometimes intense experiences can contain valuable lessons, as long as we interpret them correctly. Sometimes they serve as a guideline to discover what we should no longer do or how we can do things differently. Every experience is a kind of learning moment on our personal journey, through which we continue to grow into a better version of ourselves. It is like we are constantly being reborn into an enhanced edition of who we are.

My own life journey also had its ups and downs, including intense experiences due to, among other things, worldwide fame as a singer/songwriter of Twenty 4 Seven. I went from fame, luxury and material wealth to mental isolation and emotional poverty. The struggle to break out of this personal impasse ultimately led to the incredible strong version of myself that I am today. After a sabbatical of 3.5 years I felt completely reborn. 

When I first came into contact with the RE-BORN brand years later, I immediately felt a kind of deep recognition and attraction. It was as if the name and logo reminded me of my own journey, my personal growth and transformation. The RE-BORN brand became a symbol of strength, gratitude, pride, happiness and love for life for me. Every time I wore RE-BORN, I immediately entered my 'beautiful state'.  

I felt that as a trainer/coach and speaker I had to share this feeling with the people i work with. Now I have a close collaboration with RE-BORN and the brand has become the main theme in everything I undertake. Whether it concerns training, coaching sessions, workshops, retreats or lectures, RE-BORN is the perfect anchor. 

My intention is to guide others on their personal journey towards growth, health and transformation. RE-BORN is the perfect compass for this. 

The essence of our collaboration is sharing the power of personal growth and transformation. With this we want to inspire others to become their best selves."  

- Stacey Seedorf

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