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Racket sports alert!

June 22 2021 – Odette Van der Maat

Racket sports alert!
Racket sports alert!

With our brand RE-BORN SPORTS we follow all sort of sports. De sports market is continuously changing and we see new practises and sports popping up. During the lockdown tennis and padel became extremely popular in The Netherlands. We from Re-Born Sports are also a huge fan from both racket sports and we play these sports with great fun and passion.

Odette is a member at Tennis club Amstelpark in Amsterdam and plays tennis competition with her team with friends. Next to tennis she also loves to play padel since 2 years and we mainly play at Padel Dam in Amsterdam.

Padel you play with 4 people. Recently we started to play with the office: Mark Schaaf from PadelBros and Mano and Djamal from Kids Aktief and ofcourse we play in our RE-BORN outfits! The sets we play are always very fanatic and competitive, but we also really enjoy the game.

You always have to switch your mind when you have played tennis and start a new padel game, as with padel you use the windows, your racket is shorter and has no strings. With tennis you can also play a single match and I think that tennis is much more technical compared to padel.

Tennis and padel are really two super nice sports for everybody that likes to hit a ball. If you want to try out one of the sports; book a court and go. Mostly you can rent a racket at the club where you play, so you do not have to invest in a racket at the first time. Your apparel outfit you can shop at

Really super fun to do!


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