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Trying out new sports: Padel

April 18 2019 – Odette van der Maat

Trying out new sports: Padel
Trying out new sports: Padel

Re-Born Sports tested to play PADEL.

Padel is an unique racket sport with an own identity and culture. You play this game on a padel court 10×20 meter and around the court are walls of glass and railing. You play padel with doubles, 2 against 2 players. In the middle is a net and the scoring is similar to tennis. To play a good game of padel, you need to have the following qualifications:be  patient, have a fast reflex, strategic thinking, team spirit and cooperation. Padel is quit easy to learn. The racket has no strings, which makes it easy to hit the ball and play it to the other side of the net.

You can try it as well: rent a court, rackets and balls and play with your friends, it is so much fun. We really enjoyed ourselves at Padel Dam in Amsterdam.


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