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RE-BORN SPORTS is all about sustainability and slow fashion: new T-shirts

May 29 2020 – Odette Van der Maat

Re-Born Sports slogan sport t-shirts unisex
Re-Born Sports slogan sport t-shirts unisex

We do not want to waste any fabrics, that is why we, in collaboration with our Portugese manufacturer, got a list of left over fabrics out of production runs from other brands. Normally these fabrics would be destroyed, but we are looking to reduce and change this process.

We selected a material out of this list: organic cotton with lycra. Specially for this fabric we designed a t-shirt suitable for everybody (unisex), in basic colours white and black. The fit is a bit longer, the sleeves are shaped and the shoulder seam is put forward for the perfect fit.

We added a print to the design. The print is a slogan which tells you when you feel like reborn! We selected 4 different options:

  • Game, Set, Re-Born
  • Breathe, Pose, Re-Born
  • Score, Win, Re-Born
  • Sweat, Shower, Re-Born

You can do your workout in this t-shirt or wear it in a casual way, that is totally up to you.

These t-shirts are produced in a sustainable way in Portugal and as we strongly believe for our RE-SPORTS BRAND in slow fashion, the available quantities are limited.

Select your favourite slogan t-shirt in our webshop!


Stacey Seedorf and Li-Ann van Groen, from State of Mind network and singers of Twenty 4 Seven, did a photoshoot for RE-BORN SPORTS with the new t-shirts at the beach in Zandvoort. Really great and the pictures look amazing.

Both Stacey and Li-Ann are coach at In 10 days you will change your food and fast and do sports as well, because of this your body will change and it will burn vet in stead of suckers You will feel more energetic in your body and mind and feel like reborn!



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