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Back to Sport (in your Re-Born Sports outfit)

August 31 2023 – Odette Van der Maat

Back to Sport (in your Re-Born Sports outfit)
Back to Sport (in your Re-Born Sports outfit)

Back to sport

Would you also like to get started to sports again after your holiday? As you probably know, sports will give you good energy and it is good for your mood. Sport is also good for your social contacts, you can play with friends or meet new people. It can also be a motivation to train with other people; so set a date and go!

What is your motivation to sport?

  • Lose some weight
  • Feel fit again
  • Time for yourself
  • Competition is starting

    Make sure you will have some good equipment like shoes, sports apparel and accessories to get started. Get correct information about the rights shoes, make sure your sports apparel is quick dry and comfortable and be safe when you train in the dark.

    A brand new sports outfit can also motivate you to go back to sports!

    Shine in your new outfit!

    Which sports are good for you?

    Tennis, Padel, running, bootcamp, Pilates, yoga, football, dancing; there is something suitable for each of you. Sometimes it is hard to know what sports will be good for you. The best way to find out, is to try several sports.

    Nowadays you have options like ClassPass and OneFit where you can try several workouts at different gyms and clubs for a subscription per month. For more information about this option, please check their website.

    Now a days at almost every gym or club you can try out a free class, to see if you like it before you commit yourself to any membership for a year.

    You can also ask yourself: am I a teamplayer of do I prefer to sport by yourself? Do I like to play inside or outside? Do I like to workout on regular times or whenever it suits me? Most important is that you select a sports that you really like, in this way it is more easy to maintain.

    To train at home is also becoming more popular. It is quit easy and perfect to try out if certain workouts are suitable for you. You only need to get a yoga mat, weights and a jumping rope and you got your little gym at home. Look for a nice workout on YouTube and get started.

    Your favourite sports and the right outfit.

    You will need a new sports outfit when you start to train. It is wise to invest in good sport shoes, get some good information as there is a shoe for every sports and there are many different brands. Good shoes are really important for your body.

    Working out also needs some good functional apparel. You will need a new sport outfit; sport pants, tops and a sports bra. Make sure that your clothes are functional and feel comfortable for you. Chose products that are quick dry and breathable. The rights fabric will drive the heat from your body. You will really appreciate this functionality during your training.

    At Re-Born Sports we have many sport clothes that are suitable for multiple sports, so you do not need to buy clothes for every different sports you do. For example a sport tight you can use for yoga, Pilates, running and even Padel. Our Re-Born Sport tops are also suitable for many different sports, chose products that you can combine for the perfect look, chose contemporary styles so they will be long lasting.

    Now: get ready and go!

    Get ready Ka in red tanktop and burgundy tight


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