Re-born Switch

With this RE-BORN apparel collection we focus on functional products with a fashionable finishing touch. We selected beautiful fabrics with a good fitting produced in a sustainable production process. Bring the past into to the future, with our old favourite styles but with a modern twist. All styles can be worn before, during and after your workout. We believe in slow fashion, so we will add new products to our range and not total new collections. 

We like to reach out to people that love sport styles with an urban look and feel. He and she is interested in a healthy lifestyle and sustainability but also loves to have a good dinner and drinks with friends, loves to travel and is still very active in different sports. Health is important, but having fun as well! For them sport is a way of living! All of this we like to bring back in the brand RE-BORN SPORTS.

Press the button ON/OFF and start your re-born switch.