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november 29 2019 – Odette Van der Maat


2 years ago we started to follow our dream: to start our own sports brand.

We collected idea's and made our moodboards for the brand RE-BORN SPORTS, and for our women and men collections. We started to design the products and slowly we created our men and women range for the brand. We went to Portugal and together with the factory we selected the most beautiful fabrics for our products and we handed over our product packs. 

We fitted all the samples and only signed off the styles that had the perfect fit. Once we received the final samples, we started photography of the producs in 3D and on models in the studio. We created our website and started loading this with our content. We went LIVE at 1 December 2018.

We did this all with help from our friends, so a big thank you to them! 

We have learned a lot in the past year, but we are eager to learn more and looking forward to the next year, as we got so many plans for the brand RE-BORN SPORTS. 

Keep following us and keep inspiring us, thank you for your support.

Manouk & Odette

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