March 30 2020 – Odette Van der Maat

damespraatjes and re-born sports

damespraatjes and re-born sports

At Re-Born Sports we get many requests for joint ventures with other companies and brands. As we are still building our brand, we can not work together with each party, but we need to choose who accommodates best with our brand strategy.

We got in contact with a very nice platform an online women magazine. Daily they reach Thousands of women with beautiful stories, winning great prices, honest product reviews and lots of positive inspiration. They got many different bloggers working on this site, so there is always something new to read for everybody.

As of now, you can read a very nice story about our Re-Born Sports collection on their website, specificly focussed on yoga products, like our re-born tight and different sport tops (wrap top and elastic back top) that are designed for a perfect yoga session.

When we designed the collection, we looked at functionality of the products, softness of the fabrics and what happens when you workout. Personally I always get annoyed when I am in my down dog pose and my warm head is inside my top, so I designed the tops with a nich closed neckline, made the tops a bit wider and longer for a better movement and that the tops will not pull up. 

I invite you to read the very nice story and check out this Dutch platform.



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