RE-BORN SPORTS and Boost your Health

October 17 2019 – Odette Van der Maat

RE-BORN SPORTS and Boost your Health

RE-BORN SPORTS and Boost your Health

Since this week Re-Born Sports is partner with the healthy & lifestyle platform Boost your Health.

This is a platform specially for all women that love health, beauty, lifestyle, sport, mindfulness and food. On their site you can read blogs about all different subjects, recipes, test reports about clothes/books/beauty products, hotspots, events, travel etc. The 2 owners Melissa and Isabelle give honest reviews and show us that life can be difficult sometimes, but they are always positive and very much involved. 

This whole mindset fits perfectly wth our brand, so we decided to partner up!

Boost your Health also offers a membership, costs €35 per year. They offer very attractive benefits for their members and one of the benefits is a special discount with Re-Born Sports. You can become a member and also receive special benefits. Check them out at

Stay tuned, more things will happen at RE-BORN SPORTS.



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